Assassin - Archetype

Assassin is one of playable classes in Crowfall MMO. This archetype plays the role of Specialist. Shadow killer is one of the popular roles in other online games.



If you wish to select this archetype you should know that female characters belong to Fae Assassins and male characters belong to Halfbreed Assassins. These two different groups are foes. In the beginning of Crowfall development process there was only female variant for this class. But later on developers decided to add male option. There was a dedicated Stretch Goal for this.

Fae society

Fae Assassins is a group of females from Riverlands. They have their own culture and traditions. One of these traditions is killing all boys after birth. This terrible act is called "The Farewell Kiss". This act exists for centuries because Fae women believe that all suffering and tyranny comes from men. They think that this ritual is the main reason why they live in piece for a long time. Not all mothers take this ritual easy, but they have to obey.


The class uses dual wield daggers and uses light or medium armor. This indicates that the class will not be able to stay in battle for a very long and a player will have to choose time for attacks carefully.

Abilities / Skills

The title “Assassin” and general appearance of the archetype tell us that it will be able to use some sort of stealth abilities.

It is important that all concept arts display a female with wings on the back. One of the developers confirmed that Assassin will be able to glide for some time. There is no information about this but this ability can make archetype really interesting to play. Especially if you take into account that there are no flying mounts in the game.

It is important to notice that the class is not considered as melee DPS despite on wielding daggers. This may be because of a role in a team. It looks like the role of Assassin will be disrupting and disorientating enemies.

Right now we can assume that the core role of the class is scouting and sabotaging. It is also possible that the class will be able to control enemies. If you wish to be a stealthy character with high mobility and possibility to glide Assassin is your choice.