Buy Crowfall | Pre-Order Information

Crowfall is “Buy to Play” MMORPG, meaning that you need to purchase the game first, then play for as long as you wish without subscription fee and other mandatory payments. You just pay once. The estimated price is about $50 USD but it may be changed. Once again, Crowfall is not "Free to Play", it is B2P.

Such B2P model is great because it allows you to play MMO game without spending extra money. As you know all B2P games offer in-game shops where players can spend real money purchasing stuff. There will be in-game shop for those who wish to purchase different upgrades and other useful features. Developers tell that the items in the shop will not affect in-game balance and are not “must have” for dominating the battlefield. Here is a list of items and services you can get for real money:

  • VIP Membership Upgrade
  • Cosmetic items that don’t affect balance
  • Extra character slots (for new characters)
  • Kingdom Upgrades such as increasing size and population

In-game store will not let you to purchase resources like iron and wood for teal money. These resources can be obtained in the game only. You can get them by participating in Campaigns or by trading with other players.

When you purchase Crowfall you receive digital version of the game and an account with three slots for characters and one passive training slot. This passive training slot is used for training one of the characters even if you are not online. That’s rather interesting feature.

Every account has 3 character slots and there are no any restrictions for these slots. You have access to all classes and roles. Every account can have only 3 characters. It’s unknown if it will be possible to increase the number of characters a player can have. Maybe developers will allow purchasing extra slots in store.

VIP Membership

VIP Membership can be purchased at in-game shop for real money. The cost will be about $15 monthly. But it’s not the final price and it may be changed. VIP membership feature is optional. Nobody forces you to purchase this upgrade, but if you want to progress faster it will help you. VIP accounts receive the following bonuses:

  • Access to the development process of the game
  • Passive Training slots for all 3 characters
  • Priority when connecting to all servers
  • VIP frame / badge on the forums
  • Discounts when purchasing stuff
  • Some extra benefits. Will be added later.

Where to Get?

Right now the game is in development. You can’t download it and play. But when it is released it can be found in most online game stores over the world. The best places for purchasing Crowfall will be Amazon, GameStop and other big retailers. You will be able to get both physical and digital copies of the game. After you pay for digital version you will need to download and install it.


It will be possible to pre-order Crowfall. Pre-order feature allows you to get the game right after the release without waiting too long. Amazon usually offers “Release date Delivery”. You will get your game right after the release date.