Campaign - Rules, Rewards, Embargo Vault | Full Guide

Campaign in Crowfall is a feature that differs this MMO from others. Each Campaign World is like a separate “server” – a realm where players complete quests and fight against each other. The difference from traditional servers is that these Worlds exist for limited time (1 month, 3 months and so on) and finally die. After the end all players who were playing at that realm receive special rewards, return to their Eternal Kingdoms and can join new campaign.

Key idea of such mechanics is to avoid total domination of a player or group of players on a certain server. Many MMO games suffer from this and Crowfall wants to avoid this problem. When a group of players dominate certain server it becomes very difficult or even impossible to claim leadership. The game becomes boring... Crowfall offers “reset mechanics” - Dying Worlds. This mechanics is going to help players to maintain interest to the game and give them another chance to become leaders.

Different campaigns have different rules, duration and winning conditions. They may last 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even longer. The rules can be different for different worlds. For example strength of magic can be different. The landscape and maps are also different! That means you will see absolutely new world every time you join new "server". When you appear you will not know where to go and everything will be new. You will feel like you start playing a new game! And this feeling will occur again and again.

Reason to Participate

  • It’s interesting and fun. You will have to fight against other players in PvP fights a lot. The PvP is dynamic: everything starts from small PvP encounters and transforms into huge sieges later on.
  • It’s a way to receive valuable rare resources and materials for developing your own Kingdom and crafting.
  • It’s a way to receive rare artifacts and relics.


The worlds exist for limited time, while your character is “eternal” and when a world dies he can join other "server". Thus you can take part in several campaigns one after another using your favorite character.

Destructible World

As the campaign has end date, static world is not required any more. Developers are planning to let players destroy and change it as they like. It will not lead to long term problems because the world will be finally wiped. This concept changes the whole gameplay. Destructible objects make the game more interesting to play because player has more variants and choices.


The map of every Campaign World is huge and has different landscape. It can host thousands of players at the same time. It’s like a separate MMO server filled with players. You log-in and start playing. You complete quests and fight against other players. You live and survive within that world.


Every world will host thousands of players. Developers don’t specify exact numbers right now. Everything depends on their hardware limitations in future.


When you look at the list you don’t see all available worlds there. You see bands of worlds with similar sets of rules first. Rules specify important restriction or conditions of playing on that particular “server”. You should read them carefully before you jump into the game.


There are different sets of rules. What for? To provide players with more opportunities. Actually, everything depends on risk / reward ratio. If the rules are difficult potential reward will also be higher. The more risks you take the higher reward you potentially can get.


Some rules may be too risky for you. Does that mean that you will have to survive without certain resources because you can’t participate in a campaign where these resources can be received? No, you will have access to all resources at marketplace. You will be able to purchase them from other players. Such resources may cost a lot, but anyway you will be able to get them indirectly.

As you know different campaigns have different duration. Long lasting offer you better rewards than shot. That’s the most important reason to participate in long lasting events.

Rules are not only about duration and rewards, they are much more complicated. For example there may be worlds where magic is extremely strong or where there is no magic at all!

Now let’s talk about rules in details:

  • PvP Type: specifies the type pf PvP fights. For example “Guild free for all” or “Factional”
  • Loot: determines if you lose your loot upon death. For example: “20% chance to drop equipment on death + 100% inventory loot”.
  • Decay: determines speed of item decay. For example: “30% item decay on death”
  • Import Rules: determine what you can bring into the world with you when you join. They determine starting conditions. For example “No items can be brought in” or “All equipped gear can be brought in”. You can change your equipment when you are into your Eternal Kingdom.
  • Export Rules: determine how many items you can take out of the world after the campaign ends. Note, that the reward varies depending on your success. Winners take more than losers. For example “Win = 40%, Lose = 20%”.

All these rules are different for different worlds. Some offer you easier gameplay and smaller reward while others offer you difficult conditions and high reward.

Each has its own “import rules” meaning that a player can take only certain equipment / resources into the world. Right now there is no information about how it will work. The core idea is that every player must have an OPPORTUNITY to start new round on roughly equal footing. For example every player will be able to take one relic and some other stuff. If a player doesn’t have relics he can still participate, but it may be more difficult for him to start and survive in a world. It’s players’ choice.

Winning Conditions

Every Campaign is not everlasting and has an end date. When it comes to an end, the world will be destroyed and players will be returned to their Kingdoms. So the Time is the first winning condition.

There may be other conditions except Time. Developers are still thinking about this. The greatest thing about such game architecture is that it allows developers to try different conditions and determine the best of them. Players can also participate in that process by offering interesting ideas.

Rewards - Embargo Vault

A reward is one of the most important aspects of every campaign. In Crowfall all reward conditions are determined by Export Rules. When you play you have an opportunity to place items, resources, and materials into special Embargo Vault. It’s like a special bank where these resources will be blocked and will wait until the end. When the world dies (or you leave it), you can take a percent of these stored resources according to Export Rules.

Note: not all the stuff you have placed into Embargo Vault can be taken after the end. It’s just your “Prize Pool”. Export Rules determine how many rewards can be taken from this prize pool. For example if the Export Rules tell “Win = 40%, Lose = 20%” you will be able to take 40% of that prize pool if you are winner, and only 20% if you are loser. Unclaimed stuff will be lost.

If you don’t put any resources in Embargo Vault you will have nothing in your “prize pool” and you will get nothing at the end!!! That’s how the game works. You need to take care about your possible rewards yourself. It’s a very interesting mechanics: you need to decide if you wish to use an item right now or to place it into Embargo. If you decide to use it, you can lose it in battle. If you place it into Embargo Vault you can’t use it but can potentially receive it as a reward.

You can place your stuff into Embargo Vault at specific locations only. It is also very important. You have to bring the item to that location first and this task can also be a difficult.

Pay attention: Embargo Vault is not your Account Bank! Account Bank is account wide, meaning all your characters can use it. Embargo Vault is connected to a certain campaign only and exists during its lifetime.

Possible Scenario

Here is a scenario to illustrate how everything works in the game.

You create a character and select a world from a list of several different worlds with different rules and winning conditions. You appear in that world almost naked with only basic equipment (if the “Import Rules” offer this). The map is completely hidden by fog of war in the beginning. You don’t know where to go and what to do. So you start to explore surrounding territories searching for places of interest like ruins, castles, caves, mines and so on. Your primary goal is to collet items to become stronger and find resources to start building.

Other players are also searching for resources. Resources become scarce. You and your team have to fight to protect your property. You have to build keep to use it as your base. Creatures become more aggressive and deadly. Resources become more valuable, monsters become more aggressive. Your guild has to build a wall around your city in order to protect building and resources from attackers. Sieges become one of the most important aspects of PvP.

The environment is severe. The guild you belong to (your kingdom) becomes strong and dominates on the map. Several smaller guilds decide to fight against your kingdom together.

At the end, a global cataclysm destroys the world. Your kingdom wins; you get your reward according to the “Export Rules” and return to Eternal Kingdom. The resources you have received can be used to enlarge your own Eternal Kingdom.

What’s the difference of Crowfall from MOBA games? There are a lot of differences:

  • Though you can use the same character for every new campaign, he progresses and becomes stronger. You don’t need to level up every time you join new world.
  • Duration of a match in MOBA is usually 30-60 minutes, sometimes shorter or longer. Duration of a campaign is much longer: 1 month, 3 months or more.
  • The goals and winning conditions are also different.
  • Number of players in MOBA is usually 4 versus 4. A map in Crowfall can host thousands of players at the same time.