Champion: Archetype Description, Abilities, Powers

Champion Champion is one of playable classes / archetypes in Crowfall. The class is still in development and many features are subject to change. Some powers and abilities may even be moved to other archetypes.

Right now champion is a melee warrior. This is the first archetype that plays pure melee DPS role. He is big, strong and muscular. He wields big weapons and that’s why his attacks may be slow. Thought he is big, he has ability that makes him even bigger and stronger! Developers decided to give the class average defense in order to compensate his raw power. He is very strong in face-to-face encounters but weak against range damage dealers.

Power Resources: Rage and Hatred

Champion archetype is the second class that uses Rage resource model for executing powers. He doesn’t need manna. He needs Rage for all attacks except #5! The mechanism of accumulating this resource is similar to Legionnaire’s. Here is a brief description of how it works:

  • The archetype starts the fight with zero Rage.
  • He accumulates it using his primary attacks. Each skill requires definite amount of Rage in order to be activated. When he accumulates enough power he can use the skill.
  • Unlike mana, Range doesn’t recover out of combat. It slowly decays if player doesn’t fight.

The Champion class also uses Hatred resource for executing one combat skill. This resource is used to fuel his Ultimate Warrior power (number 5). Hatred has similar rules with rage.

  • The archetype starts fight with zero Hatred.
  • He accumulates it when he attacks enemies with any attacks or when he takes any damage. When he accumulates enough Hatred he can use the skill.
  • Unlike mana, Hatred doesn’t recover out of combat. It slowly decays if player doesn’t fight.

The ability #5 at the mage below consumes hatred. As you see there is a special UI bar surrounding the ability. The bar displays how many hatred you have accumulated. Once the bar is full you can use the skill.


Champion Abilities and Powers

There are 6 slots for archetype abilities. Other slots can be used for the skills you master through disciplines, advantages and promotion classes.

Primary Attack: left click melee cone attack chain that generates a lot of Rage. this will be your basic attack and main source of rage in the beginning of the fight. You don't need to perform any special action, just use your Left Mouse Button for this attack.

Reverse Chain Pull: (resource: Stamina) right click attack that pulls character 20 meters towards the enemy under the reticle. If there is no enemy or Champion misses with the chain than the ability will not work. Generates a lot of rage. This skill is great for fighting against RDD or for catching enemy who wishes to escape.

Powers Bar

Massive Cleave: a cone damage move that combos into Whirling Pain. Whirling Pain is a Channeled AoE that moves the character forward as he is whirling his weapon about creating havoc in the area.

Spinning Back Fist: single target skill that hits enemy and regenerates Rage. It combos into Kick Sand – cone based attack that deals damage and blinds all affected enemies for a few seconds. Blind effect is very useful because enemies can barely see the ballfield for some time. Right now this effect applies to enemies affected by Kick Sand power only but devs promise to add other skills with such effect later on.

Vicious Stomp: is a combo consisting of three parts.

  • Vicious Stomp: instant attack that slows down all the affected.
  • Disarming Shout: all affected enemies suffer from “suppression” game effect. Suppression effects lock out the power trays of all who are suffering from this effect. It is very nasty!
  • Rend: deals cone damage and applies bleeding to all affected enemies.

Throw Hurlbat: rage-free ranged projectile attack. Applies bleeding effect to affected enemy. If the enemy is attacked multiple times with Throw Hurlbat his movement speed reduces. This skill is great because it can be used while the Champion moves!

Ultimate Warrior: (resource: Hatred) temporary increases size and damage of the character. Decrease movement speed by 1 meter per second. Developers call this Stage 2 Champion. Being on this stage Champion can re-fill his Hatred bar again and reactivate Ultimate Warrior skill! He will transform into Stage 3 Champion. He becomes even larger and receives better damage buff!

Strength of the Mountain is survival ability. Character transforms into a piece of granite for a short period of time. He can’t move but dramatically reduce incoming damage. Every time he is attacked in this form he receives stacking damage buff. That’s why Champions becones dangerous person after using this ability.

iFrame Powers

These powers remove player from the physics simulation and render them invulnerable to damage while performing the power. Though the duration of this effect is very short it is useful in many situations.

Flying Neckbreaker (iFrame power) character jumps into the air and knocks down everyone in the area when crashes back into the ground. As you see this power is not only for defense. It is also great for attacking groups of enemies.

Passive Powers

Retaliate: passive power that can be used when the character is knocked down. It breaks the knockdown and returns character in combat fast dealing damage to enemies. This ability doesn’t work automatically, it must be activated. It’s like a hidden combo. It becomes available only when player is knocked down. The cooldown of the power is rather long.

Hateful: passive ability that governs the Hatred gains. Right now there is no information about how it works. It looks like this ability may increase the amount of Hatred your character receives in battle.

Dirty Fighting: gains increased regeneration of health in combat in direct relation to how low his health pool is. This power affects gameplay a lot. If you fight against a Champion he can recover fast if you don’t finish him.

Sprint: (consumes Stamina) technically passive skill but it doesn’t appear on the bar. When you press Shift key your character moves faster but spends stamina.

All Skills

In general Champion class is a powerhouse. He has large size and thus attracts a lot of attention on the battlefield. He has his strengths and weaknesses but if you wish to play as a huge mountain this archetype is definitely for you!

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