Classes in Crowfall

Every MMO game offer player to select a class for his character during the creation process. Crowfall is not an exception. But you build your Class in Crowfall by combining Archetypes and Advantages. There are a lot of different archetypes with different characteristics.

Confessor Confessor
Role: RDD (Magic)
Ranger Ranger
Role: Specialist
Knight Knight
Role: Tank
Champion Champion
Role: Melee DD
Forgemaster Forgemaster
Role: Support
Duelist Duelist
Role: Specialist
Frostweaver Frostweaver
Role: Mage (RDD)
Legionnaire Legionnaire
Role: Support (Melee)
Stalker Stalker
Role: RDD (Bow)
Assassin Assassin
Role: Specialist



Archetype determines starting possibilities of your character, his starting skills and powers. When you create a hero you have limited number of “Creation Points”. These points can be spent for “purchasing” archetype and “purchasing” Advantages / Disadvantages. Each archetype costs certain amount of Creation points. The cost depends on the starting powers of the class.

Yes, some classes are stronger than others and cost more points. They may have more strength, intellect, dexterity or spirit and that’s why they cost more. You may think that such system is stupid. But read further: if you select an expensive class you will have fewer points left for selecting Advantages / Disadvantages. And vice versa: if you select a “cheaper” archetype you will have more points for adding Advantages. Everything is balanced and you will have to make a choice.

Archetype Strength Dexterity Intellect Spirit

Some archetypes are locked for only specific gender. They can be male or female only. In general that’s because of lore behind the class. There is a basic rule: any humanoid archetype can be played in both genders, while non-humanoids are usually locked.

Advantages / Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages increase or decrease certain powers of your character. The general rule here is: adding Advantages cost you creation points, while adding Disadvantages give you extra points.

So what’s your starting class? In general, it is a combination of the Archetype you select and Advantages / Disadvantages you add. You select an Archetype and tweak it by boosting certain powers with Advantages system. As you see the system is pretty interesting. It allows to create a build according to your preffered specialization.

Changing Class / Respec

Many MMO games don’t allow player to change class. Crowfall also doesn’t allow to change basic archetype and advantages / disadvantages, but you can change your class dramatically by selecting a specialization – Promotion Class and by choosing special Disciplines.

Promotion class

When you play the game you level up your skills. When the skills reach certain levels you can promote your archetype to a new one, making it stronger and choosing specialization. Selecting a specialization is one of the best ways to advance in strength. What specializations are available? Each archetype has its own ways of promotion. For example Knight can be upgraded to Swordsman which deals more damage, to Crusader which has more defense or to Sentinel which can use ranged weapons. As you see the choices are different. Each choice boosts different possibilities of the hero.

Note: Selecting a specialization is a very important step. Your choice will be permanent. You can’t change it later or respec. That's why we recommend to think twice before making final decision.

Why it’s important to promote?

  • All skills have “cap” values. Cap value limits progression with a particular skill. When you promote some of the skills receive higher cap levels, allowing you to progress deeper.
  • Your hero receives new powers, possibilities and attacks.
  • Some of the upgrades give you possibility to use new weapon types.


You can also tweak your character with Disciplines. They allow you to focus on a certain possibility or skill of your hero. For example “Vampire” Discipline makes your character stronger at night.

The list of disciplines can be changed. You can remove Disciplines or exchange them with new anytime. All you need is to get certain runestones. Runestones allow to apply new disciplines to a hero.

Where to get Runestones?

  • You can get them by taking part in campaigns. Explore the world and you will be rewarded. They can be found in ancient ruins and in other dangerous places.
  • Sometimes you will find them in treasures when you dig.
  • Crafters can create Runestones out of resources.
  • You can take them as a reward after Campaign ends.
  • They can also be sold to other players and thus can be purchased.

Customizing Archetype, Advantages, Disadvantages, Promotion and Disciplines allows to create a unique class which suits your requirements and playing style.

What Class is the strongest?

There is no Strongest class in Crowfall. But you can build a hero that will have advantage in certain circumstances. For example “Vampire” Discipline makes character stronger at night. So you will have an advantage in night encounters. But you will most likely be weaker in day time. Some players may chose other disciplines and promote in different ways. Their characters will have other advantages.

You can find a lot of extra information about classes and progression in our Leveling Guide. Read it in order to find out how to progress faster.