Crowfall: Confessor - Class Description, Abilities, Powers


Confessor is one of classes / archetypes in Crowfall. It’s a ranged DPS who relies on ranged magical based attacks. Most of the abilities shot magical projectile that damage enemy. The class relies on fire magic and most of the attacks burn enemies.

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Role: RDD (magic)
  • Targeting: Crowfall targeting system doesn’t rely on TAB key. The projectile you shot will fly in the direction of your attack. If you want to hit an enemy you have to predict where he will be when the projectile reaches him.

    Appearance: The class looks really great. A magical book flies over the left hand of the character and his both hands are covered with burning fire. Animation of all the skills is also very good looking.

    Power Resources: Mana

    Mana is the main resource that powers most of the abilities of the class. When you are out of mana you can’t use the powers and have to wait. Fortunately there is a way to recover mana fast: you can use Fervor ability that recovers mana fast but decreases physical mitigation. Read more about the ability below.

    Confessor Abilities and Powers

    Skill Effect
    Basic Attack Shots a fireball in the direction of attack. When the fireball reaches an obstacle it explodes dealing AOE damage. The radius of area of effect damage is rather small so the attack will most likely hit 1 or 2 enemies. When fireball hits enemy it also applies a debuff called Sin. This debuff can stack and it doesn’t do anything by itself. But it’s required for other skills of the class.
    Zealot Rush Right click ability that sends character 10 meters forward. Uses stamina. Great for very fast movements.
    Powers Bar
    Flames of Truth Applies a 10 seconds debuff that does nothing while active but explodes after 10 seconds is over. The enemy will take damage and will be stunned for 3 seconds. It’s possible to trigger the explosion without necessity to wait for the time to expire. If the ability is triggered by player before time is over the target will receive less damage and will be stunned for 2 seconds.
    Hellfire Surrounds character with a fiery shield for 30 seconds. This shield deals damage to all the enemies who damage you. This ability has 2 combos:
    • The first one turns the shield into a wave of fire that damages all the enemies in front of the character. Distance of attack is 20 meters. If you want to go deeper in this combo chain you can activate the next attack. It damages all the foes in front of you who were hit by Hellfire Wave and knocks them into the air.
    • The second combo chain for Hellfire: turns the shield into pulsing aura that deals damage to enemies within 4 meters every second. The aura lasts for 20 seconds. If you want to go deeper in this combo chain you can activate Hellfire Tornado. The character consumes the aura and transforms it into 4 tornadoes. They move forward and pull nearby players and objects into them dealing damage. Each tornado lasts 15 seconds.
    Meteor Purge Confessor creates a meteor in between hands and sends it to deal damage. This ability can be charges. The longer you hold the button the stronger and the bigger the meteor becomes. At 66% charge-up the meteor transforms into a larger meteor. It is slower but deals much more damage, has bigger explosion radius and can damage structures.
    Absolution Do you remember Sin debuff that is applies by Confessor’s basic attacks? It’s time to use it! When you activate Absolution the Sin from up to 3 players in front of your character turns into fire! The more stacked Sin the enemy had the higher burning damage he will take. If the target has more than 5 stacks of Sin it will also be snared by 50% for 15 seconds.
    Condemnation Channeling ability. As long as you hold the ability key your character fires flamethrower-esque cone of fire. This cone pulses every second and extends 15 meters. If the affected enemy has Sin on him, he takes extra damage. This ability can be retargeted any time.
    Fervor Channeling ability. While you hold the key, the character restores large amount of mana every second. While the ability is active physical mitigations are reduced by 15%.
    Iframe Power
    Immolation Makes character invulnerable for short period of time (right now for 5 seconds) and removes movement debuffs. It’s possible to attack other players and move while the skill is active.
    Retaliate it’s possible to use this ability only when knocked down. When you activate it the character immediately leaps back to feet.
    Righteousness There is a chance to restore small portion of mana when you damage enemy.
    Sprint a character moves faster when you hold Shift key. Stamina is consumed.