Crafting in Crowfall - Resources, Recipes, Progression

Crafting plays very important role in Crowfall. It’s a basis of in-game economy. Players can create different equipment, buildings and siege machines.

In many MMO games crafting is just a secondary activity. That’s because players can receive most of the Top items from raid bosses. Production is not very important there and is used usually for fun. Crowfall makes crafting much more important and valuable! There are no raids in the game and thus there are no bosses that drop the best gear. The only way to obtain top items is to create or purchase them. The idea of the game is to make crafting important and to allow crafters to mark their items for building social reputation and a following.

In most MMO games players change items and equipment rare. Items in Crowfall will be changed more often because all of them can be lost upon death or decay (slight decay from using in combat and heavy decay from death). That’s why being a serious crafter with good reputation is very interesting. Players will always need new swords, armor and other useful stuff. If you know where to take resources and how to craft you will be very important person in your guild.

Moreover, such item cycling opens up additional possibilities for building reputation. Players will not need only top gear every time because of losing chance and decay. You can focus on selling average quality stuff and become famous. You can occupy a niche and advance there.

Crafters can not only create stuff but also repair equipment. Every repair will lower max durability and finally an item will die anyway.

Resources and Materials

Every crafting attempt requires certain resources. There are 2 general categories of resources in Crowfall: for personal usage (resources) and for conquest (materials). There are different types of stone, metals, wood and so on.

The only difference between resources and materials is that materials are large packages of resources. Materials can be used for building and repairing buildings. They occupy less inventory space. You can get materials by stacking resources together. If you unpack material you will get fewer resources than it was used for creating it. That’s why you shouldn’t stack them in materials if you don’t have reason for this.

All resources in the game are useful since early stages until the endgame. You will always need iron ore, copper, stone and so on. There are no low level materials and ores.


All resources can be collected from surrounding world or found on certain monsters. Materials for conquest can be taken from points of interest: Quarries, Lumber Mills, and Mines. The world is full of different objects/locations that are important to control in terms of getting profit. Different POI produce different resources and even POIs that produce similar resource type can be different. For example there may be a mine that produce high quality iron but at a low rate, and there may be a copper mine that gives low quality copper but at higher rate.

There is one important type of POI – Quarries. They are usually located in remote areas but give a lot of resources.

Metal Alloys

Crowfall allows using Metal Alloys and Pure Metals. You can get metal alloy by combining different types of ores while crafting. There is a difference between these 2 types: Pure Metals grant Attributes, while Alloys grant Attributes and Statistics. You will have to explore which combination gives the result you need.

For example:

  • Copper (0.2 STR) + Copper(0.2 STR) = Pure Copper (0.5 STR + Bonus Weapon Damage 1%)
  • Iron (0.4 STR) + Tin(0.2 STR) = Plated Tin (1.25 STR + Quality Crafts Bonus 2%)

Such system makes crafting very interesting. For example you have a recipe of an item where 3 metals are required. You can go with 3 Pure Metals and get only Attributes. Or you can use Alloys and receive stats. It’s also possible to mix Alloys and Metals to get mix of extra Attributes and Stats. Such system is used not only in blacksmithing… Other crafting professions can also use mixed resources.


A player can capture Thralls – souls of fallen crafters and warriors. Each captured soul can be bind into an item changing its characteristics. For example if you bind a soul of fallen warrior into the blade, it will become stronger.


Recipes allow to craft different items and contain the list of required resources. Unlike many MMO games where recipe contains exact types of resources, recipes in Crowfall contain only resource types. For example you will see that a sword requires 3 pieces of metal and an additive. You can use iron, copper and so on for this. Additives can also be different. Type of metal and additive element you actually use will determine important characteristics and attributes of a final sword.

Such system reduces the number of recipes in crafter’s book and makes all of them really valuable. Though recipe book is shorter, your possibilities as a crafter are much bigger. You can mix different ingredients and create items with unique characteristics. Moreover, you can make your items even better by enchanting them.


Any person can create items since the early beginning, but advanced level will require more resources and special recipes. A character starts to play with a certain amount of basic crafting recipes and possibilities. He can create items since early stages of the game but he needs special Discipline Runestones in order to progress certain profession. These runestones can be found in Campaign Worlds. They open up additional recipes and possibilities.

Reasons to progress:

  • Raising a certain skill decrease probability of failures. Thus you will spend fewer resources in total and receive oportunity to create high level items.
  • You can potentially create equipment with higher quality.

Though any character can be a crafter, there is a limit of Disciplines (professions) he can master. Right now the cap is 3 Disciplines per character. That means you can’t master all crafting professions in the game with only one character. This will stimulate players to interact and trade.

Will this lead to large number of crafting alts? Developers say that this will not. The whole crafting system is designed to stimulate player to play with single character during campaign. Using alts is not the most effective way. Recruiting dedicated crafters is a very important part of any successful campaign for a guild.

There is interdependence between crafting professions. One profession may require items that can be created by other profession. A guild should stimulate players to master different professions to produce all possible components.

In other MMO games a crafter has to create tons of useless stuff until he reaches top items. Crowfall uses other system: every character starts with similar possibilities and can try to create top items at early stages if he has required resources. But the chance to succeed is very low. A crafter will have to decide when to start to attempt creating more difficult items.


Trading is a very important part of the economy. Right now developers are not planning to offer auction houses. There will be special NPC vendors that can be placed within certain buildings in Campaigns and Eternal Kingdoms.