Duelist - Archetype

Specialist - Burrow
Role: Burrow
Attribute Value
Strength 20
Dexterity 80
Intellect 40
Spirit 60

Duelist is one of the major Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. The Role of this class is Specialist (Burrow). He belongs to Guinecean race.


If you look through the attributes you will see that the class has low Strength, good Dexterity, average Intellect and Spirit. Right now the exact attributes of Duelist are unknown but we can assume that he will be able to use magic because of his Intellect.


The Duelist class can wield both a dagger and a pistol. The dagger is useful for face to face combat while the pistol will definitely help to attack enemies from distance. Though he wields a dagger, face to face combat is not his primary specialization because of low Strength. Duelist can’t play the role of a Tank.


If you look at the Icon you will notice that the shovel is displayed there. It’s a clear indicator that Duelist is able to burrow and specializes in this. The fact that the class is a Specialist not a DPS or a Tank makes this assumption stronger. Who knows, maybe the Duelist will be the only class that can burrow the ground.

Such burrow mechanics can be used in different situations. For example there may be some places only Duelists can reach using their abilities. It looks like the class will play very important role in castle sieges. He can dig under the wall and suddenly attack the enemy within the castle.

It really looks like ArtCraft is trying to make each Archetype appealing with its own unique role and abilities. Unique abilities add value and make player useful part of the group. Giving archetype special abilities like burrow, steal, stealth and so on can make the character useful within a group.


Right now there is no information about genders in Guinecean race. We don’t see any clear indicators of male or female genders within the race. Right now it’s unknown if there are female Guineceans.