Forgemaster - Archetype

Role: Support
Attribute Value
Strength 80
Dexterity 40
Intellect 60
Spirit 20

Forgemaster is one of the major Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. He plays the role of Support in a group. He belongs to Stoneborn creatures – technically the same as Golems. They are made of stone and wood. Developers mention that the Stoneborn will be playing important role in the backstory of the game.

The class has good Strength, average Dexterity and Spirit and low Intellect. As all other golems he relies on his strength and defense.

Armor and Weapon

Videos and screenshots show that the class wields Two-Handed Hammer. Large amount of strength allow him to be rather good in melee combat. The class wears heavy armor, most likely plate or chainmail.


Forgemaster plays role of the Support. Most MMO games have supports with ranged weapons, but Forgemaster wields melee. It will be interesting to see what supporting abilities developers will give to the archetype and how he will be supporting allies in combat. We can assume that some of his skills will give surrounding allies stone protection or stone armor increasing their defense.

Taking into account that he is made of wood and stone, we can assume that the class will have very good defense and good natural resistances. But he will hardly be good Tank because of the role - he is support class. He will hardly have enough abilities for protecting himself from large amount of incoming damage.


There was a Kickstarter video where the Forgemaster throws his hammer and makes a great whole in castle walls. It’s unknown if this was a real footage or just a demonstration of in game environment and game engine possibilities.

Demonstrational videos also show Forgemaster’s AOE attack: he deals damage to all enemies around him with a ring of fire.

You may also notice that the title of the class is connected with crafting. Master of the Forge ... Who knows, maybe he will have several crafting bonuses or some special crafting possibilities. For example developers can allow them to repair items better than other players.


All Stoneborn have one gender – male. They don’t reproduce. You will not meet female Forgemaster in Crowfall.