Frostweaver - Archetype

DPS - Ranged
Role: DPS - Ranged
Attribute Value
Strength 40
Dexterity 65
Intellect 45
Spirit 20

Frostweaver is one of the main Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. The role of this archetype is Ranged DPS (Magic). If you wish to be a mage who crushes enemies with arcane power – Frostweaver class is definitely for you. If you choose it you will be able to use different types of Frost magic.

The archetype belongs to Elven race, most likely to the Dark Elves.

If you look at the attributes, you can see that the class has low strength, good dexterity and intellect and average spirit. Such distribution of attributes allows it to attack players and creatures from distance. But it’s also rather good for melee combat. Good amount of dexterity allows it to fight face to face with an enemy.


Right now there is no information about the weapons of the Frostweaver. Some images and videos show that he wields magical orb, some show that he wields a bow and some that he uses unknown weapon that looks like a huge blade with a rope.

Everything we know so far is that the main weapon will be ranged. Blade with rope, bow and magical orb are all for ranged combat.


As the title says, Frowtweaver uses different abilities of Frost magic. We can assume that the abilities will be able to freeze and slow down enemies. With such powers, the class is going to be one of the best kiting archetypes in Crowfall.


The class plays a role of ranged damage dealer. Taking into account that it uses Frost magic, we can also assume that it will have large number of controlling skills. Different freezing abilities will allow slowing down and controlling enemies.


It looks like there will be both male and female genders for this archetype.