Gods in Crowfall

Role of the gods in Crowfall is to make the universe deeper and to give players natural mechanisms for teaming. When you start playing the game you know nothing about the universe and the gods may help you to choose your side for fighting.

Crowfall pantheon is not so big but there are different gods there. All of them have different behavior and provide player with an option to follow them. If a player likes how the god acts he may join the group of his followers.

The gods in the game have conflicts between each other. They have their interests and that’s why they use armies of their followers to achieve their goals. Worshipers of different gods also have to fight against each other to bring victory to their master.

The Pantheon

The pantheon starts from Valkyn the All-Father. He is the core god and he is father of everything. He is responsible for creating the whole universe. He stands above all other gods and they are his children.

Other gods are divided into 3 levels: Order, Balance and Chaos.

All the holy entities in Crowfall are relatives of Valkyn the All-Father. Khronos the Watcher and Yaga the Crone are his younger brother and sister. They represent the primal forces of Space, Time and Magic and they are very powerful!

Twins Arkon and Kane are All-Father’s eldest sons. They are the owners of the sun and the moon. Malekai, D’Orion, Zaleena, et al. are All-Father’s lesser children and grandchildren. Each is powerful but only in their own right. They are closer to mortals than others and that’s why they are more apt to display mortal flaw.

Cybele, Gaea and Yaga also belong to the pantheon. They are different but in the same time are connected. They represent 3 aspects of one entity.

Malekai is one of the gods in Crowfall. He is also known as Spinner of Lies, The Voiceless God, Spider Prince. He is considered as patron god of liars, traitors and spies. He is a son of Khronos.
Gaea, the Earth Mother is the central aspect of the Trinity Goddess. She is wife of Arkon. She is responsible for all that lives, for incarnation of wisdom and nature.
Cybele, the Virgin Goddess is one of the main gods in Crowfall pantheon. She is one of the youngest gods. She represents young love and spring. She is associated with laughter, music and dance.