Cybele, the Virgin Goddess

Cybele, the Virgin Goddess is one of the main gods in Crowfall pantheon. She is one of the youngest gods. She represents young love and spring. She is associated with laughter, music and dance.

If you ask several bards to describe her appearance you will hear absolutely different songs. That’s because every human sees memories of his first true love in her. Her real visage remains a mystery. But she usually appears as a young and very beautiful woman.

Her demeanor is typically ebullient and flirtatious. She always looks for new emotions. She doesn’t like to stay in the same place for a long time.

Cybele is flighty and self-absorbed. She likes attention from both mortal and immortal. She is a temperamental lady.

Very often she doesn’t keep her promises. However she treats all mortals as creatures of worth and value.

Cybele Concept Art