Malekai, The Voiceless God

Malekai is one of the gods in Crowfall. He is also known as Spinner of Lies, The Voiceless God, Spider Prince. He is considered as patron god of liars, traitors and spies. He is a son of Khronos. He always appears as a man. His head is covered with a hood. Nobody knows how his face looks because it is always covered with a mask. Malekai likes different spiders.

They say he was a trickster – great poet with words of silver. He was a master of sly humor and sarcasm. But his father Khronos didn’t find humor in his tongue and decided to remove it. Since that time Malekai is voiceless. His whispers transformed into white spiders that follow him everywhere. They obey his commands and they are his spies.

Malekai likes to affect people while they are sleeping. He sends his agents to the minds of his victims. He promises and tempts.

Take what you want.

Weakness is the only sin.

Without me, you are nothing.

People usually can’t resist his whispers for a long time and give up fast.

The Church has a way to burn Malekai’s agents out of human’s minds but this operation is dangerous. Most of the infected people usually die. Only few survive.