Crowfall Getting Started Guide for Newcomers

Everybody knows that fast leveling in any online game is important and if you don’t know what to do after you start you just lose your time. Crowfall differs from other MMO games. A new player may experience difficulties in the beginning because of this. That’s why this guide was written. It will tell you everything you need to know about how to start playing Crowfall Beta fast. You will find out what server to select, where to get your first weapons and how to harvest resources. Hope it will make your initial gaming experience much more enjoyable.

Open World vs Eternal Kingdom

Let’s start from the early beginning. The first thing you see after you log in is the main menu. This is where you can select a universe for playing.

Right now you have two different options: to start on a public server or to enter your own kingdom. The personal kingdom is a unique feature of the game. The main difference is that open world is designed for all players while your kingdom is entirely yours. You can build different structures there. You can read more about this in our Eternal Kingdom guide.

Entering Eternal Kingdom

I am sure most of you guys will jump into the open world. But that’s not the best way. We recommend starting from the Eternal Kingdom! The reason is that you appear in public world without any items. You have only your fists, and you can’t use abilities or powers of your class until you equip a primary weapon. The only way to get the weapon if you have no friends is to craft, but it will take time.

As you see you are defenseless in the beginning. Almost any player can come and kill you after you appear in open world for the first time. And many players will do it. Moreover, if someone kills you, he can loot your body and take the resources you have collected. And you will have no chance to protect yourself… This is how it works in BETA right now.

Starting in your own kingdom will allow you to get prepared. You will be able to craft basic weapon, armor and other stuff you wish. After this is done you will be able to take this stuff with you to the open world and use it there. I explain how to do it later in this article.

Getting First Weapons and Basic Armor

Now you understand that starting in your personal kingdom is a smart strategy. Let’s talk about weapons. Weapons is a very necessary part of your gear. You can’t use powers of your character without it. The only way to get weapons without someone’s help is to craft. It's not hard but it will take some time.

Start by cutting trees! Come close to any tree, and you will be offered to press “F” key to harvest it. You don’t need any equipment. Every player can cut trees because it’s a basic resource. Don’t try to harvest stone nodes - you have no hammer. Cut only trees in the beginning.

Harvesting Wood

Pay attention that cutting process differs from what you have seen in other games. When you harvest, the resources don’t go directly into your inventory. They can be found near the node and everybody can pick them. This is why starting in private kingdom is much better. You don’t have competitors there.

You will also be able to get some apples while harvesting wood. These apples can be eaten. Do you see hunger meter in top left corner? If it drops below 70% your character loses an ability to recover stamina. If it does deeper, the character can’t recover health. That’s why eating food is important.

You can craft your first Runestone Hammer after you have collected 3 pieces of wood. It will help you to gather stone. You can’t craft weapons without the stone. Open your crafting menu, find Basic Crafting - Basic Runetools and select Runestone: Basic Harvesting Tool recipe. Place wood in all 3 material slots. You can find the hammer in the inventory after you have finished. Equip it on your character and go to the stone nodes.

Open Crafting interface

Crafting Runestone Hammer and other Tools

There is one thing you should know to progress in crafting. The image above shows one empty slot which is called Wildcard Slot. The resource you put in this slot affects the final item you will get. For example, if you put ore instead of wood you will get Runestone Knife.

Stone is the second necessary resource. It will help you to craft special pick which is required for gathering ore. You may think that it’s a little bit complicated but it’s not. Everything is straightforward.

Get several pieces of stone and some wood. Open crafting interface again and open the same recipe. But now place 2 pieces of wood and one piece of stone. Now you have a Runestone Pick. It can be used to harvest ore nodes.

Pay attention that every item has durability scale. The item will disappear once it’s out if durability. So when your hammer or pick is broken you will have to craft it again.

Now you have all the items you need for gathering and crafting. Explore crafting interface and find what weapon and armor is good for your class. Then go and harvest enough materials to craft everything you need.

Don’t forget that cool items will require high-level resources. But the kingdom doesn’t have high-level nodes. Right now you can craft only basic gear in your kingdom. Great resources can be found in open worlds.

Exporting the Items

After you have crafted everything you need you can jump into PvP worlds. But before doing this you should export the items into special bank which can be accessed from any world.

Jumping into Open World

Now you have the items in your bank and you can enter open world. When you appear on a public server open the Embargo Vault and take all the required stuff from there. Equip your armor and take the weapon. Now you can protect yourself.

Hope this getting started guide will help you to enjoy Crowfall right from the start. The game is interesting and there are many other things you should know about. Read other articles of our club and dominate! Share this guide with your friends if you can. Maybe it will help them too. Thanks for reading!