Knight: Description, Abilities, Powers

Knight Knight is one of playable classes / archetypes in Crowfall. He is a warrior in heavy armor with a sword and shield in hands. His main role is to defend himself, his allies and control opponents. He is standing on the front line in every battle.

  • Role: Tank
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • There is one important thing you should know: Shield Block is one of the core abilities of the archetype, so if you don’t like to block this class is not for you.

    Power Resources: Stamina and Mana

    The main source for executing most powers is Mana. Knight starts to fight with full mana pool and consumes it for executing different abilities. You will have to pay a lot of attention to mana management. Running out of this important resource in the middle of battle can be dangerous.

    Mana is restored not only over time but also when you hit enemies with basic attacks. There is one trick: the more basic combos you use, the faster your mana pool recovers. Unlike Rage (resource uses by Champion) your Mana also recovers out of combat. So if you are out of Mana you need to wait for some time or to attack someone with basic attacks.

    Second important resource for a Knight is Stamina. It is required for blocking and you will have to block a lot. That’s why stamina management is also important.

    Abilities and Powers

    The class has 6 slots for basic abilities. Other slots can be filled with the skills you get through disciplines, advantages and promotion classes.

    Basic Attack – Left Mouse Button attack which deals physical damage and recovers some mana. The attack has combo: the second attack recovers more mana and the third applies short duration snare to the target. This ability doesn't consume mana but recovers it!

    Shield Block – Right mouse button ability that slowly drains stamina. When the character is hit while using shield block, his stamina is reduced in proportion to the hit. The skill does a lot of different things. First of all it decreases incoming damage for the Knight and for all players behind him. Secondly, there is a chance that attacker will be knocked down if he attacks Knight with front-facing melee attack. The block can also reflect instant ranged magical damage back to the caster. Finally, the skill increase mass of the character making him more difficult to push by impulses. He also falls quicker when in the air. It is the core ability of the class!

    Powers Bar

    Shield Lunge - moves character forward very fast. Great ability for charging towards enemy or for escaping.

    Shield Slam – Knight uses his shield to slam it into enemies. Charge this power to 66% or more to attack enemies with a critical hit.

    Shield Spin is a two attacks combo. Player hits enemy with a shield dealing damage. Second attack also deals damage and stuns target.

    Onslaught – great combo with 2 branches. The first attack strikes target twice dealing damage. Than you can combo the attack. The first combo deals damage and knocks down emeries while second combo applies bleeding debuff.

    Of Noble Blood – AoE shout. Grants 650 Barrier to the player. If you still have your Barrier after 6.5 seconds deals AoE damage.

    Chain Attack – great ability that allows to pull a player or any other object towards you. This is great for catching someone or for pulling RDDs from enemy crowd.

    iFrame Powers

    Leap Slam – hero jumps into the air and creates a ‘localized gravity well’ that pulls nearby targets towards him and deals damage to them. While in the air, character is invulnerable to damage and other effects.

    Passive Abilities

    Retaliate: every class in Crowfall has this ability. You can’t see it on your skill bar but it appears when you are knocked down. It returns you back to your feet dealing AoE damage to surrounding enemies.

    Constitution: a hit point buff that works for the Knight and for all surrounding allies.

    Sprint: (consumes Stamina) technically passive skill but it doesn’t appear on the bar. When you press Shift key your character moves faster but spends stamina. Use sprint carefully because it doesn’t allow to use Shield Block!

    How to play?

    As you see Knight has rather good defense potential and some controlling skills. That’s why his role in a group is Tank. Your main goal is to defend your allies with shield block, stun and snare enemies and pull them out of their groups.

    Block is a very important ability of the class and you should master it. It gives a lot of valuable bonuses and you will have to use this skill al lot. The ability not only protects you but also allies behind you. That’s why you need to pay attention to your position. Pay attention to where you stand and to who you protect. You should fight with your group, ideally on the front line of the battle. You shouldn’t leave your group because your role is to protect them.

    Don’t forget to use your pulling ability! This skill is great for reaching RDDs of enemy team.

    Knight in Crowfall has several AoE abilities and that’s the second reason for fighting in the center of combat. Your AoE skills may affect several enemies! Use this advantage.