Legionnaire - Archetype

Melee DPS - Support
Role: Melee DPS - Support

Legionnaire is one of the main Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. He is a Centaur and plays the role of melee damage dealer and Support. The role of melee support is unusual but interesting.

Armor and Weapons

He wields axe, lance, bow or blade. Some concept arts and videos also show that this archetype can wield a shield.

Legionnaire wears heavy armor. Developers were inspired by Roman armor style when they were creating appearance for Legionnaire gear.

Abilities and Skills

Developers decided to make Legionnaire to use other type of resource for performing attacks. Unlike other classes that use Mana they use Rage! The difference from Mana based mechanics is that Legionnaire gains Rage when he attacks enemies with basic attacks. Sometimes he has to start the fight with zero Range and accumulate it in combat.

Legionnaire is a fighter who must be in the front line of the fight in order to access his heals, group buffs and debuffs. Rage mechanics stimulate them to fight on the frontline. Thus this class is not for a passive support role.

iFrame Powers

Other classes have iFrame Powers that make the class invulnerable to damage while performing the power. But Centaurs don’t have such ability. They have Eternal Rage skill instead. It can also be activated by pressing “C” key and it gives an instant Rage boost. Thus you can start the fight with your abilities. This rage boost can’t be used as a primary way of generating Rage because of a cooldown. But it’s a great spell for starting the combat.

Passive Powers

Retaliate – the skill appears on the bar only when you are knocked down! This power, when activated, leaps him back to his feet from a knocked-down state and then deals damage to everyone in the area. The cooldown is rather long.

Rear Kick – when Centaur is attacked there is a chance that he will perform a hidden combo that will damage enemies behind the player and knock them back.

Sprint - Centaur race doesn’t need a mount in order to move faster. Crowfall video footage shows that the class has natural speed advantage over other classes. Centaur can move much faster without any pets. Hold Shift in order to sprint. This will consume stamina but will increase movement speed by 40%!

Active Powers

Charge – Legionnaire moves 25 meters forward dealing multiple small sphere area pulses of damage and physics impulses along the way. The ability has 2 combos - Wheel Left and Wheel Right. The combos allow to stop charging and deal damage in a cone to either his left or right based enemies.

Scatter Horde – Legionnaire rears up, spins his weapon and slams it into the ground, knocking back enemies around him. This is a hold-to-charge power. You can hold the key for several seconds and when the ability is unleashed it also releases a shockwave that deals damage to all characters in front of him. If the ability is charged for more than 66% all affected targets will also suffer from 50% movement speed decrease.

No Quarter – 5 part series combo. There are 2 possible variants of this combo and they both begin with No Quarter. But then you must select A or B line and then stick with it all the way through.

  • No Quarter: Slight forward surge with damage dealt to all in the cone.
  • No Quarter 2a: Follow up with increased damage dealt to all in the cone.
  • No Quarter 3a: deals damage in the cone again and also applies an armor break debuff to all affected players. (This combo is a cone damage with armor debuff at the end.)
  • No Quarter 2b: Deals piercing damage to a single target in front of the player.
  • No Quarter 3b: deals damage to a single target again and applies a bleed and applies a power damage debuff to the lucky recipient. (This is a single target combo that deals damage to enemy, makes him bleed and applies a power damage buff to someone.)

Battle Cry – doesn’t’ require rage for activation. It’s a group buff that removes all snares from all members of the group and grants all members 10 sec. movement buff.

Rallying Cry – is a great buff that heals the group and increase Attack Power stat of all the members. That’s a great ability because Attack power affects all damage and healing player can deal.


There is a confirmation that there will be both male and female Centaurs.

Centaurs are always big and this may cause some unexpected issues. For example they may block spells of friendly players because they are so huge. If friendly fire is enabled they will take damage from friends much more often than other archetypes.

In general the Legionnaire archetype is a support with melee or ranged weapons and with several great support powers and knockbacks. This archetype is not for a single-player style. He shows all his power only in a group because of group buffs.