Crowfall Leveling Guide – How to Progress?

Leveling in Crowfall differs from what you see in other MMO games. This guide will tell you all required information for understanding how to make character stronger.

Everything starts from character creation. When you start building your character you receive certain amount of “Creation points”. These points can be spent for selecting Archetype and adding extra Advantages / Disadvantages.


Archetype is a combination of initial attributes and skills (with level cap values) your character will have at the start. It's similar to selecting a Class in other games. Each archetype costs different amount of Creation points. The cost depends on the amount of attributes and skills. For example Centaur has higher starting Strength and that’s why you will have to spend more Creation points if you select this archetype. You will also have fewer points left for Advantages / Disadvantages.


Archetypes may be locked to a particular gender, but most of them are not. There is a general rule: if you select humanoid you can play in both genders with any archetype. Archetypes of non-humanoids are usually locked to specific gender.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages allow to perform deeper customization of your character’s characteristics. It’s similar to Perks or Racial Bonuses in other games. Advantages will cost you creation points, while disadvantages provide you with extra points you can spend. You can’t select all available advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. There is a limit, so you will have to choose.


Not all of the Perks are absolutely positive or negative. Some of them increase one characteristic but decrease something in return. For example “Dim-witted” perk give you special points to increase Strength but lower Intellect.

After this is done, you start playing the game. Note that all the choices you made on character creation step are permanent. You can’t rebuild your hero or change his basic attributes later in the game.

Promotion Class

Many MMO games don’t allow character to change his class, but Crowfall allows doing this. Though you can’t change it absolutely, you can differentiate character from your base Archetype dramatically. This can be done with Promotion Classes - specializations. You can unlock new specialization by raising your skills. It is a way of leveling.

For example a basic archetype Knight allows to be “upgraded” into several ways: Swordsman (deals more damage), Crusader (has more defense), Sentinel (uses ranged weapons).

The game allows to have multiple Promotion Classes for each Archetype. This is a very good way to make your character unique.

Note: You can’t change your Promotional Class once you have chosen one. That’s why you should think twice before selecting. This choice is permanent.

There are several reasons to add new Promotion Classes because they:

  • increases “cap” values for all relevant skills making it possible to master certain skills deeper
  • give new powers that can be used in fights
  • sometimes unlock opportunity to use new weapon type

How to Access New Promotion Class?

Developers are still working on the exact mechanics. Right now player can unlock new class if he reaches certain level in particular skills and / or receives certain amount of skill points.


Discipline is like a “sub-class” that allows to customize character even more. It's another way of leveling and making hero unique. You need to learn new Disciplines in order to access new skills, new skill caps, weapon styles and crafting recipes. They allow to “tweak” character making him stronger in specific way. For example, the “Vampyre” Discipline makes your character stronger at night.


Unlike Promotion Classes which are permanent, Disciplines can be changed if you don’t like them. Changing discipline will affect in losing some of your skills or possibilities that were gained by that discipline.

How to unlock?

You can unlock new disciplines by collecting special Runestones and applying them to character. Not all Archetypes can access all disciplines but anyway the choice is very big.

These Runestones can be obtained by participating in campaigns. There are different opportunities to get a Runestones:

  • You can find them in ancient ruins.
  • You can find them in treasures while you dig in the ground
  • You can craft some of them from resources
  • You can receive them as a reward for taking part in Campaigns
  • You can purchase them from other players

Character receives skills according to archetype, advantages, promotion class and disciplines. All these elements can make your hero unique.


When you play any MMO game the most important question is “How to become stronger?” Most online games are using Leveling system as basic element of progression. But there are no levels in Crowfall.


There are no levels in the game but you still need to get experience in order to progress. You need to get experience not for character, but for your skills. Every skill has a scale of progress and maximum value called "cap".

The game offers 2 ways for getting experience for particular skill: active training and passive training. Active training means doing something within the game. For example using this skill in battle. This method is great for getting new skills. You can complete a quest chain and get new skills as a reward.

Passive Training can be done by using special Passive Training slot in main menu. Every standard account has 1 slot for Passive Training (VIP account – 3 slots). This method is great for making skills stronger and advancing within particular skill.

Passive Training

Passive Training is the best way to advance character(s) skills. This method is not the only, but it’s the most effective. There is one slot for passive training per account for standard accounts and 3 slots for VIP accounts. You can place one of your characters in each slot and he will be training his skills. Training slot works regardless your online status. You can be logged out for a long time but your character will be training anyway.

Only 3 skills can be trained passively at a time in 1 slot and each skill is trained with different speed. Primary skill will level faster, followed by secondary, followed by the tertiary. If your goal is to advance “Polearms” faster – place it in the first slot. It will gain experience faster than other 2 skills.

You can also set up a queue for each slot. When the skill is capped, another one will appear in the slot instead of previous and will start advancing.

How fast the progression is? These numbers are still being discussed. Following details show the amount of time required for training a skill to 100% value depending on the slot:

  • 1 month of training in primary slot
  • 2 month of training in secondary slot
  • 3 month of training in tertiary slot

Note: this time is required for advancing to 100% level. But if you have a skill with 150% cap you will spend more time. You can’t train a skill more than cap value allows.

You can change skills in slots and move the skills from one slot to the other anytime. There are no restrictions.

Progression in the beginning is always faster than progression on later levels. You will advance from 1 to 20 much faster than from 80 to 100. That's why it may be better to level bunch of skills to average values rather than advancing only several to maximum. Think about it.

Cap Values

Each skill has “cap” values. Archetype sets limits to maximum values of particular starting skills. But Advantages, Promotion and Disciplines can increase the initial cap a lot. For example:

  • “Polearm” skill of Legionnaire allows to use polearms more efficiently and can be raised up to 100.
  • There is a “Military Training” advantage which allows to raise cap up to 110.
  • Legionnaire can promote to Centurion. This will also raise the “caps” by 40 points.
  • If you want to advance even more you can take “Executioner” Discipline. This will add 25 more points.

Thus the cap value will be 175 and your Polearm skill can be passively trained up to this value. Another person may want to stop at 150 and take other Discipline instead of “Executioner”. Isn’t such system great?


First of all you need to create a character according to your future playing style. You need to select Archetype and Advantages / Disadvantages. Then you need to “level up” by using passive training slots. You also need to participate in Campaigns to get access to new skills and powers by unlocking new Promotion Classes and by applying new Disciplines.

This leveling guide will be updated with new information when it becomes available.