Mounts in Crowfall - Taming, Purchasing

There are different types of mounts in Crowfall. They allow to move throughout the map much faster. Some of them even allow to carry more items. They protect themselves and their owner. As you see they are rather useful and that’s why this guide was written.

Note: some characters don’t need any creatures to move faster, for example centaurs. They have increased movement speed and use other mechanics for fast movements.

Getting a Mount

Getting a Mount is not a very difficult task. Crowfall offers you several basic ways to get it:

  • Crafting – there is special profession / discipline that allows to craft figures for summoning different creatures. You can master this discipline and use it for getting your pet and for selling such figures to others.
  • Purchasing – you can purchase such figures from other players.
  • Taming – there is special skill that allows taming animals and using them for riding.
  • Taking Part in Campaign – you are able to receive special items that allow to summon creatures by participating in campaigns.

As you see there are two basic types of pets: summoned from figure and caught by player. There is a big difference between these two types. Both can be killed, but tamed pet can’t be resurrected. You will have to catch new one, while summoned animal can be recovered after death. You will find more information about this later in this article.

Right now there is no information about selling tamed animals. It looks like it is impossible.


Surrounding world is full of different creatures. Some of them can be tamed and used for riding. Only players with special abilities can tame. Level of skill determines the level of creature you are able to tame. The higher level the skill has the stronger creatures you are able to catch and use. Some animals can be caught and tamed if your skill is very high.

This skill is required not only for catching the mount. It’s also required for controlling it. If your skill is not high enough you will not be able to control the pet.

Taming skill allows catching not only creatures for riding but also other animals. They can be used like your pets and sometimes provide you with extra bonuses like separate inventory which can be used for carrying items.

Any mount can be managed with special commands like: “stay,” “come” and “follow me.” You can also get rid of it by releasing it anytime.


Mount Figures occupy slot in your inventory and are used for summoning a pet. All you need to summon is to activate this figure. If you want to return the pet back inside figure you need to deactivate it. That’s easy.

Such figures can be obtained from crafting and received as a reward for participating in campaigns.


Your creature is not for riding only. It has separate health bar and can be attacked or even killed. If you are not riding it and it is attacked, it will try to protect itself by attacking the enemy. It will also try to protect you if you are attacked.

If tamed animal loses all its health it will die and you will have to tame a new one. Tamed pets have only one life and can’t be resurrected.

If a mount was summoned from the figurine it can also be killed, but you can summon it again after the cooldown ends. Such pet has multiple lives. Though you can summon it multiple times after death, this cycle is not everlasting. The figure takes some decay every time your pet dies and will finally be destroyed. Crowfall is a game where nothing lasts forever. All items take decay and you will have to search for new items sooner or later.

Such Figures are great because they allow to summon your creature after death multiple times. That’s why such figures are not cheap and are difficult to get. You should think about when to use them because you can lose them. There are situations when other players can take your mount figurine. For example it can be lost if the Campaign rules allow “Full Loot”. Everything depends on the Campaign rules.

Kickstarter Creatures

Some players are able to use special creatures they received as a reward for participating in Crowfall funding at Kickstarter. Such creatures have unique appearance and can’t be obtained within the game. They demonstrate that an owner of such animal was an early backer and helped to build the game.

Many of the players expected such animals to be permanent, but they are not. They can also be killed and lost. However players are able to return them. If you lose an item that summons such mount you can return it and use it again. Right now there is no information about returning process.