Power Icons’ Shape and Color Meaning

When Ability Icons were originally created they looked great but their visual readability was poor. It was very difficult to understand what a particular skill can do by watching at its icon. Developers decided to redesign the icons to make them more visually readable. Their goal was to make them more intuitive. A player must understand what particular skill does and how it works by just looking at it.

Now all the icons in UI powers tray are very easy to read and understand. You can just watch at them for short period of time and understand what every power can do. This guide will tell you the meanings of icons’ shapes and colors in Crowfall.

Frame’s Shape

Icon’s shape is the first basic classification. Each shape has its own meaning. There are 9 types of shapes in the game:

Shape Meaning
Melee AbilitySquare: aggressive melee ability
Agressive Range Rhombus: aggressive range
BuffTriangle: good buff
DebuffFlipped over triangle: bad buff (debuff)
transform Rectangle: transform
PassiveCircle: non aggressive ability / passive
Crowd controlPentagon: Good crowd control
Bad crowd controlFlipped over pentagon: bad crowd control
UltimateX: ultimate ability

As you see when you look at the frame’s shape you can easily identify what particular skill does and what for it can be used. For example if the frame is square it is melee attack that can be used at close range only. But if the skill has rhombus frame it can be used for attacking foes at a distance.

Icon's Color

Color is another indicator. It’s less important than shape but also contains visual information about each ability. Color tells what effect the ability applies:

Color Meaning
RedRed: single target damage
OrangeOrange: multi target all purpose
VioletViolet: negative status effect
TurquoiseTurquoise: positive status effect
Dark blueDark blue: traversal / transformation
GreenGreen: healing / anti damage
greyLight grey: passive ability.

Thus by combining shape and color you can easily “read” the ability. For example violet pentagon means that the skill is for crowd control (affects multiple enemies) and applies negative statue effect to affected targets. As you see everything is easy!

The image below shows example of Champion's powers tray.

Champion powers