Stalker - Archetype

Stalker is one of playable classes in Crowfall MMO. This archetype plays the role of Ranged Damage dealer who hits enemies with a bow. While the ranger’s main specialization is utility, Stalker is for bursting from afar.

If you look through the stats you will see that he has large amount of dexterity and strength. This is an indicator of his possible power in melee combat.

As you see on all concept art pictures main weapon of Stalker is bow. He deals physical damage, and this is important. If you wish to be an RDD but deal magical damage you should select other class. Frostweaver is good for this.

The backstory tells us that Stalker is “fast and quiet”. We can assume that he will have extra abilities increasing mobility and some sort of stealth. Maybe not full stealth but an ability that allows to hide or something like this. Taking in account that character has appearance of an animal we can assume that developers may give him some animal instincts and make them useful. But this is our speculation.

Right now there is no information about pets of the hunter. All concept arts show only a hero without pets. But maybe developers will add a pet in future.

If you wish to be Ranged Damage Dealer Stalker archetype is probably one of the best options. He deals physical damage with his bow and he is useful member in any team. We will update an article when more information is available.