Wiki - General Information

Crowfall is a new MMORPG in medieval style developed by ArtCraft Entertainment. The most interesting and impressive fact about the game is that developers raised a lot of money for making the game on Kickstarter. About 17 000 people supported the game for about $1 800 000! This amazing result placed Crowfall on the 15th place among the other most funded video games. That means people like the project and would like to see the final version of the game. Now the Kickstarter company is over and serious development had begun.

  • Genre: MMORPG. PvP Orientated with PvE elements.
  • Model: "Buy to Play" - Purchase once and play for free.
  • Subscription: There will be special VIP subscription 15 dollars / month. It gives several advantages.
  • Microtransactions: don’t affect character’s strength and balance. It’s possible to purchase extra slots for characters, increase population of personal kingdom and so on.
  • Developer: ArtCraft Entertainment game studio. Creative Director is J. Todd Coleman. He is famous for taking part in Shadowbane, Wizard101, and Pirate101 development. Executive Producer is Gordon Walton. He is famous for Ultima Online, The Sims Online, Star Wars: Galaxies, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Developers attracted a lot of attention by announcing that Crowfall will be something like a mixture of EVE Online and Game of Thrones. It will be an old-school PvP orientated MMO with sandbox elements. The main idea of developers is to build a world where groups of players will be fighting for resources and territory control.

The goal of ArtCraft is to create a new type of online experience, something that hasn’t been done before. Allies, enemies, alliances, betrayal, conquest - these are the components we feel are lacking in today’s online experience. And we are going to change that!

Crowfall is a mix of MMORPG and strategy. The problem is that these genres are very different. In MMO players expect the world to be persistent (permanent). In a strategy game an expectation is that the game is over when somebody wins. So how to mix these two genres? Art Craft offer the solution which is based on the passage of time. It’s called Dying Worlds. The concept is: the heroes are permanent but the worlds are not. Imagine you are playing a 3 months campaign: it comes to an end and the world gets destroyed while your character stays. You can pick another campaign and continue.

Each world in Crowfall universe is unique: unique map and landscape, unique rule set, unique victory conditions. Players choose the world, guild or a team and fight for controlling that world. In the beginning of the campaign players appear in a new world. They don’t know what’s around them and where they are going. The world is dynamic and it will be changed like in a strategy game. Players have to explore not only the world. They have also explore basic rules such as how strong the magic is, what races are present and what technology you can use.

Destructible World

As the campaign is not everlasting and the world will be wiped in the end, developers decided to make the objects in the world destructible. It is made of voxels – special building blocks like in Minecraft but much smaller. This allows players to build and destroy everything.

Building a castle allows to claim territory. Territory gives real political power. A player can get his vassals and the vassals can get their own vassals.

There are 2 types of worlds: Campaign Worlds and Eternal Kingdoms. Campaign world is like a soccer match: it has a beginning and the end. While Eternal Kingdom is like a soccer season. Eternal Kingdom is like a basic world where your character lives, but there are no resources there. Character has to search for resources in campaigns. He comes back to his kingdom from a campaign and brings the rewards there. A player who controls Eternal Kingdom sets taxes and even PvP rules, he has complete control over that world.